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The Loan Officer Hub mortgage blog is designed to be a one-stop-shop for leading mortgage insights for loan officers who are interested in increasing their knowledge in areas related to mortgage trends, referral strategies, real estate insights, consumer content and social media tips. Discover valuable information on how you can increase your mortgage business with these exclusive loan officer blog insights.

Real Estate and Builder Referral Strategies for Loan Officers

How to be a First-Time Homebuyer’s Best Friend

A friend and I were discussing our jobs over lunch last week. I mentioned that I was working with Amy, a recent college-graduate who wanted to buy her first home rather than continue to pay rent. He nodded when I said it was going to be a lot of work guiding her through the process.

The Secret All Top Loan Officers Know

Several years ago, a colleague of mine met with top loan officers from around the country to find out how they achieved their coveted status. Turns out, all top loan officers have one thing in common.

Consumer Strategies for Loan Officers

3 Easy Smart Home Upgrades for Borrowers on a Budget

Whether you’re in the process or have already helped your borrower secure their new home, you should consider suggesting these easy smart home upgrades for borrowers on a budget. In fact, some of these low-cost smart home upgrades may even save your borrowers money – and what kind of loan officer doesn’t want that?

Social Media Strategies for Loan Officers

Getting Started with Social Media in the Mortgage Industry

Getting started with social media in the mortgage industry can be daunting. You clearly see the value in social media, but you’re not clear on the best way of getting started with social media in your industry. Here are some of the easiest and best social media tips I have on how you can get started.

Twitter Strategies for Loan Officers

Twitter says it best: They are a “window into the world”. This is the mentality successful Loan Officers have when it comes to using Twitter to achieve business goals. Twitter has evolved tremendously since it first debuted April 19, 2007.

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