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5 ways to embrace and improve at marketing yourself through video

Now that social media has been adopted so widely, most loan officers have learned they can use it to market themselves directly to consumers. Social media is a powerful tool…but what’s more powerful? VIDEO!

Video is the only form of marketing that works for you while you’re not working or doing something else.

For example, when I know I’ll be occupied for several hours, I will post a video. Why? Because while I’m busy doing what I’m doing, my video is out there being seen and engaged with. When I come back, the comments and likes are filled with people who know me, like me and trust me.

When you post videos to your network enough times…you build an ecosystem of people who are ready to buy their new home from you and only you.


"Build an ecosystem of people who are ready to buy their new home from you and only you."


Before I give you some simple tips to help you embrace video more, I want to introduce one more thing to you…

I recently interviewed someone on my podcast that introduced me to a new term…a para-social relationship. This is how we treat famous people we admire. We watch them on TV or in movies and we train our minds to idolize who we see in “the box.” As weird as this sounds…this exact same thing happens to us when people see us on videos. The brain doesn’t distinguish that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is famous and I’m not…it just sees both of us in a box, conferring over time a level of celebrity status.

This is why consistent video is so important. If you’re ready to start doing video or take your videos to the next level, here are 5 simple things to do next.

1. Stop introducing yourself

I know will sound weird for many of you, but think about this…who’s going to watch your videos? Mostly your friends. Well, would you walk up to a friend in Starbucks and introduce yourself as they go to hug you? Heck no. That would be super awkward!

So why do we introduce ourselves on video when our friends are watching? Because that’s all we’ve ever known. But when you start treating your connections on social media the same as your friends in real life, you’ll start winning more often!

On your next video, just start. Say hi to everyone and jump into your content. It will instantly feel more natural and relatable to everyone who watches.

2. Get comfortable going live

Recording video is already hard enough…but making it absolutely perfect requires video editing. But that’s a problem because you’re a loan officer, not a video editor.

This is why LIVE video is so powerful! When you’re done going live, you’re done! You can move on to your next task for the day and with nothing ahead of you to hold you back.

It’s also the most authentic way to do video. You make people feel as if you’re sitting across the table from them.

You can be yourself, forget what you’re going to say, make jokes, and just have fun. Live video is the most forgiving form of video there is.

3. Change up your background

When you truly start to understand that social media is about people, changing up your background makes more and more sense.

I want people to relate to me. I can do this in a multitude of ways, but a simple way to do it is to change backgrounds.

For example, I will do videos while I’m waiting in the carpool line at my kid’s school, on my back porch, in my office, while I’m out for a walk, or even sitting in a restaurant.

I can use my words to accomplish one thing and let my background tell its own story. It’s powerful. And – this is a big and – stop using virtual backgrounds all the time. They rob you of your own story and authenticity.

4. Don’t sell – educate

Talking about mortgage stuff on social media isn’t your problem. Always coming across “salesy” is. If you become an expert of your industry on social media instead of a salesperson…you’ll attract people like never before.

To educate the way you need to, use these 2 simple questions to guide your videos:

  1. What questions do you get asked the most about the mortgage industry?
  2. What are you surprised that people don’t already know?

You’re going to compile a list of answers from these questions and over time, you’ll make a video answering each one of them.

Some of these videos may only be 60 seconds long, others may take 7 minutes to fully answer…but you’ll create an incredible catalog of how great you are at your job and how much you love adding value to people.

5. Don’t let the analytics distract you

When you start doing video, adopt the mindset that you are setting yourself up for future success…not success today.

So, when you do your first few videos, don’t get caught up in how many or how few likes, comments, and shares you get. Keep going!

You are setting the stage for what’s to come…Focus on your content. Focus on commenting back to the people that do talk to you through the comments. Keep hitting that live button. Keep recording videos. And don’t stop until you get to 100! (That’s not really a special number, it’s just a lot, so I chose it.)

With every video you’re going to get more comfortable. You’re going to be more articulate. You’re going to get better at coming up with topics. You’re going to get better at looking in the “eye hole.” Don’t stop moving forward. Ever.

If you’ve found this article valuable, please go find my podcast, The Social Media Mindset, or find me on social media at Coach Kyle Draper. I’m happy to help!


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