5 tips for taking better selfies with a selfie stick

Having lived a previous life as a professional photographer, people often ask me if I have any tips for taking better selfies with a selfie stick. I do, and I also think selfie sticks provide a great opportunity for mortgage loan officers to build stronger relationships with their trusted referral partners in a fun and creative way.

First, let’s start with selfie stick basics: The first version of the device, originally built in 2005, was called the Quik Pod. Keep in mind that this was years before the first iPhone even existed! The Quik Pod was designed to assist with taking pictures of yourself, a group of people, or even landscapes from unusual perspectives.

More than a decade later and the basic function remains the same while their popularity has grown tremendously. Using a selfie stick is still one of the most popular ways to take attractive photos of yourself or groups of people. Mortgage loan officers can use the selfie stick as an easy opportunity to have a little fun with your referral partners or current customers the next time you see them out and about or at a function. Take note of these key tips to take better selfies with a selfie stick the next time you document your co-hosted events or outdoor adventures together:

1. Lighting

The key to any great photo starts with the lighting. When you use a selfie stick you want to be cautious of harsh light and shadows on faces. If you’re outside, overcast days provide a natural light diffuser and can offer the best soft light for faces in a portrait. Don’t be afraid to turn away or toward the sun, or find a different location altogether, to capture better lighting.

2. Clean lens

Be sure to always clean your camera lens before you start snapping photos with your selfie stick. There’s nothing more frustrating than taking the time and effort to get the perfect composition only to have it ruined with a smudge or fingerprint.

3. The right angles

Understanding angles is paramount to capturing a great selfie with a selfie stick. A selfie stick can improve angles by offering an opportunity to shoot from a higher perspective. This can help remove shadows and provides a more complimentary look for a portrait shot. Mastering angles also means learning how to hide the selfie stick in your picture. Try tipping the camera backward or forward to minimize the appearance of the selfie stick.

4. Be aware of surroundings

With the advent of the selfie stick many people have taken advantage of these devices to improve their photo skills. However, before using a selfie stick, never forget to check your surroundings. Ensure the use of selfie sticks are allowed where you are, and be sure to watch out for others so you don’t accidentally run into or hit people with your device.

5. Be creative

The best part of using a selfie stick is that it allows you to be creative in your picture-taking. Try taking an action shot with your selfie stick photos to add excitement. Don’t forget that selfie sticks are not just for selfies! You can turn the camera around and use your selfie stick to reach new perspectives with your photos.

The next time you head out the door to meet a referral partner for an event and decide to snap some pictures to post on social media together, try to remember these simple tips for taking better selfies with a selfie stick.

Do you love to use your selfie stick? Share some of your best shots with us in the comments below or on Twitter by using #LOHub the next time you post. We’d love to see your pictures. And remember, June 21 is National Selfie Day – so make the most of your new skills soon! Happy picture-taking.

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Ben Smidt, VP of Digital Strategy - Fairway

Ben Smidt is the VP Digital Strategy & Innovation for Fairway, helping drive digital transformation and innovation to delight customers. His strategic direction and thought leadership shapes how Fairway communicates and connects with customers–through content, visual, mobile, web, and emerging technology experiences. He was previously MGIC's digital strategy manager. He holds an MA from Marquette University in media channel effectiveness and digital communications, as well as a BS from UW-Madison focused in communications.


Charles Kasnick

Great post! Love the helpful tips for taking the RIGHT picture with a selfie stick. This will help me greatly!

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