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Blog Posts  |  Referral Partner Strategies for Loan Officers

Discover loan officer referral strategies that can help you connect and build relationships with your real estate and builder referral partners. Our collection of hand-picked referral strategy blog content is designed to shed light and share insights on the opportunities that exist for loan officers in the mortgage industry.

Mortgage Infographics  |  Referral Partner Strategies for Loan Officers

Our mortgage infographics highlight loan officer referral partner strategies that can take your business to the next level. These infographics contain easy to understand content that speaks to both real estate agents and builders. Discover insights about important referral partners, and how you can leverage these partnerships to increase business opportunities.

Exclusive Guide: Successfully Working with Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are perhaps the most overlooked referral source for loan officers in today’s mortgage market. Get this exclusive guide that illustrates how to successfully work with these valuable referral partners.


Ready-Made Presentations  |  Referral Partner Strategies for Loan Officers

This collection of ready-made presentations are designed to assist top loan officers in engagement opportunities to build relationships with key real estate and builder referral partners. Discover how you can find new ways to grow your loan officer referral strategies.

Fundamentals of the Mortgage Process

Strengthen your real estate agent partnerships and generate leads with Fundamentals of the Mortgage Process training workshop.


Podcasts Referral Partner Strategies for Loan Officers

This collection of mortgage industry podcasts offer loan officer referral strategies and insights. Tune in to see what others in the mortgage industry are discussing in their latest podcasts.

The $200 Million Dollar Man on Building a High Trust Referral Business Closing 400 Loans

by Geoff Zimpfer + Kory Kavanewsky | Mortgage Marketing Radio

Generate More Leads Than You Can Handle

by Steve Kyles + Greg Gale | Loan Officer Leadership

Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day

by Geoff Zimpfer + Top Agent Karen Briscoe | Mortgage Marketing Radio

What a "Realtor" Wants

by Jennifer Du Plessis + Realtor Jennifer Hammond | Mortgage Lending Mastery

How to Increase Client Referrals

by Steve Kyles | Loan Officer Leadership

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting REALTOR Classes

by Geoff Zimpfer | Mortgage Marketing Radio

The Referral Creator

by Jennifer Du Plessis | Mortgage Lending Mastery

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