Loan Originators Survey Report

Plan ahead for 2024: Discover trends and tactics to help you build your goals for the coming year

Loan officers faced significant headwinds in 2023, including persistently low inventory and an increase in interest rates that impacted affordability for borrowers. How did loan originators deal with these challenges? What tactics and strategies did they use to find success? MGIC and Loan Officer Hub surveyed over 1,000 mortgage loan officers and originators, who shared insights into their activities, challenges and opportunities.

Insights you can use: Social media platforms originators use most for business

Do you find success with social media marketing? Most loan officers know they need to be on social to capture the attention of the next generation of homebuyers, but not every originator is sure how to make the most of it. Here are the top 3 social media platforms loan officers use most for business.

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There’s much more to explore in the full survey report, including insights into the greatest challenges for originators and their borrowers in the last year.