Twitter Strategies for Loan Officers
Ben Smidt

Ben Smidt, VP Digital Strategy & Innovation

Twitter says it best: They are a “window into the world”. This is the mentality successful Loan Officers have when it comes to using Twitter to achieve business goals. Twitter has evolved tremendously since it first debuted April 19, 2007. Functions have changed, features have improved, the design has shifted, but the basic relevance that Twitter provides to the end-user has more or less stayed the same — real-time information about the world around you, via a social media channel.
The value Twitter provides is unlike most social media platforms. Twitter still does not use an algorithm for its news feed (however this may soon change). This means users see Tweets in real-time, without interruption or manipulation. As a favorite blogger of mine, Neil Patel, puts it, “Twitter is the quintessential real-time news feed. It’s user-generated, conversational, incessant, hashtagged and global.”

So what do you need to know about using Twitter to help you increase business opportunities?

1. Understand Your Digital Footprint

A “digital footprint” is defined as the data left behind by users of digital services. Social media is one channel that offers you the ability to create and leave a large digital footprint on the web. It’s no secret that the larger your digital footprint is, the better your personal search engine optimization (SEO) can be. And for me, personal SEO is simply one part branding and one part reputation management. It’s crucial to your success as a Loan Officer to understand this concept.

Participation on Twitter can translate to increased positive visibility. The takeaway is, the more you participate on social media, the more often Google Search indexes your profile and activity. Active digital footprints are important in shaping your overall digital footprint. This process of internet search indexing can help increase your findability by a broader audience and improve your personal SEO. Understanding the value of this concept becomes increasingly more important when you consider the proposed partnership between Google and Twitter that will begin this year. Or even more interesting, the rumors that Google could acquire Twitter outright in the future. Therefore, it could be theorized that Twitter content and activity by users will rank higher in Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

What this means for you, the Loan Officer, is that since most of the world uses Google Search for its search engine, the activity you are producing on Twitter will likely have a positive impact on your ability to be found for key areas for which you can you provide insight. For example, posting Tweets about the finance industry or sharing blog posts you have written — with keyword-rich terms in your Tweet that point back to your source content — could help you rank higher in Google Search results for those areas of value. Think topics like banking, credit, mortgage and real estate. Being found in these verticals will increase opportunities at the Loan Officer level, help you establish yourself as a thought leader in the space and potentially increase your business opportunities.

“Twitter is the quintessential real-time news feed. It’s user-generated, conversational, incessant, hashtagged and global.”

2. Twitter Notifications

Hands down, Twitter Notifications have changed how users approach Twitter as a social media platform. A Twitter Notification is when you are notified via a mobile device each time someone you follow on Twitter Tweets. This can lead to timely and effective opportunities for engagement. In sales and marketing, timeliness is everything. The same is true for savvy Loan Officers who want to engage the right target at the right time. With the advent of social media (Twitter in particular) real-time marketing (RTM) is more popular than ever. You can leverage this to create increased opportunities with your targets.

By using Twitter Notifications, you can better understand when to reach out to a prospect and what your competitors are doing in the industry. Twitter Notifications help you easily stay current on industry trends. An educated Loan Officer is a successful Loan Officer.

Twitter Notifications give you the ability to get the most current information about your industry before others have a chance to act. Two hours is too old; now it’s all about knowing what happened two seconds ago and being able to translate that knowledge into sales and increased opportunities with your customers and business partners. Combining this first-to-know mentality with an outlet like your blog creates an avenue for sharing your thoughts on a timely topic with a broader audience. Use the right hashtags in your Tweets and start gaining traction for being an industry leader.

“Successful Loan Officers use Twitter to improve understanding and insights with key targets.”

3. Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards allow you to attach rich media experiences like photos, video and audio inside the Twitter platform to drive traffic to a specific website with increased context. The process requires adding a few lines of HTML to specific web pages you want to highlight so that a Twitter Card is added to Tweets by users who share links to your content. The card is visible to all their followers. This is an excellent opportunity to increase engagement with your audience in a visually consistent manner.

Using Twitter in conjunction with other social media strategies is a great way to cross-promote content and increase visibility with a broader audience. This method of content creation (blog) paired with a social media channel (Twitter) to promote, can drive traffic to key pages of your website. Twitter Cards will undoubtedly expand your posts’ reach and impressions.

There are several Twitter Cards you can try. The five most commonly used cards are the Summary Card, Summary Card with Large Image, App Card, Player Card and the Lead Gen Card. I have found having at least the Summary Card with Large Image on key web pages of your blog, for example, will help increase the engagement you receive when someone shares your posts on Twitter. Consider using a Lead Gen Card to increase signups for a monthly newsletter you may have as well. Re-engaging signups with a monthly newsletter is a great way to connect with your audience and build exposure to other social media platforms on which you are active. Using the Twitter cards tactically will help expand your digital footprint and improve your personal SEO.

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Ben Smidt

Ben Smidt

VP Digital Strategy for Fairway

Ben Smidt is the VP Digital Strategy & Innovation, helping drive digital transformation and innovation to delight customers at Fairway. His strategic direction and thought leadership shapes how Fairway communicates and connects with our customers–through content, visual, mobile, web, and emerging technology experiences.

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