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Blog Posts | Social Media Strategies for Loan Officers

Having a social media presence has never been more important for loan officers to connect with potential borrowers. Learn how to develop loan officer social media strategies to increase your business opportunities. Our mortgage professional insights about social media will assist in building your online presence.

Mortgage Infographics | Social Media Strategies for Loan Officers

Our easy to understand mortgage infographics highlight social media strategies for loan officers. Better understand the value social media can provide to your business as a loan officer by exploring these social media infographics.

How to Build a Social Media Strategy

Get everything a loan officer needs to succeed in the mortgage industry on social media in one single downloadable PDF. This document includes, strategies, tips and insights to help scale your social media presence and expand your digital footprint.

Mortgage Webinars | Social Media Strategies for Loan Officers

A collection of social media webinars designed to enhance the loan officer’s understanding of key platforms to make a positive impact in the mortgage industry. Take a look at each social media mortgage webinar offering, as different topics and platforms are highlighted to provide you the most value.


LinkedIn Strategies for Loan Officers

This 60-minute recorded webinar will offer loan officers deeper insight on using LinkedIn to reach a broader audience.

Loan Officer Social Media Strategies - Twitter Strategies for Loan Officers

Twitter Strategies for Loan Officers

In this 45-minute recorded webinar you will learn how to use 140 characters or less to grow your business.

Podcasts | Social Media Strategies for Loan Officers

This collection of mortgage industry podcasts offer loan officer social media strategies and insights. There are several topics addressed from a variety of hosts. Tune in to see what others in the mortgage industry are discussing in their latest podcasts.

Creative Social Media Solutions To Up Your Game

by Neil Mathweg | Onion Juice Podcast

How This Loan Officer Gets 36% of His 203 Closed Loans from Social Media

by Geoff Zimpfer + Dan Keller | Mortgage Marketing Radio

Talking in Pictures: Snapchat Marketing

by Neil Mathweg + Chelsea Peitz | Onion Juice Podcast

How to Build Your Brand and Boost Your Business with Video

by Geoff Zimpfer + Ryan Hills + Ryan Christensen | Mortgage Marketing Radio

Get Smart with Social Media

by Geoff Zimpfer + Katie Lance | Mortgage Marketing Radio

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