Loan Officer Webinar:

First Time Ever – Mortgage Geek Mortgage Nerd Talk Branding

Sean Cahan (aka Mortgage Geek): President | Cornerstone Mortgage Group
Denise Donoghue (aka Mortgage Nerd): Mortgage Banker | Thrive Mortgage
Ben Smidt: Digital Strategy | MGIC


For the first time ever, Denise Donoghue (aka “The Mortgage Nerd”) and Sean Cahan (aka “The Mortgage Geek”) are together to talk personal branding in the mortgage industry with MGIC’s Loan Officer Hub creator, Ben Smidt. Tune in to hear how they’re using their brand in today’s mortgage and real estate markets, and what promotional channels are working for them. Gain some nuggets of advice for those that are thinking of scaling their personal brands and learn about a few of the proudest moments they’ve experienced thus far..

Featured Guest Webinar | Cornerstone Mortgage Group + Thrive Mortgage

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