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Blog Posts | Consumer Strategies for Loan Officers

These proven loan officer consumer strategies are tailored to target the customer and designed with top loan officers in mind. Get more leads, broaden your visibility with key customers to expand your network, market to and help educate potential borrowers with the resources we’ve developed. Learn more about how you can leverage these loan officer consumer strategies by reading our collection of mortgage blog posts.

First-Time Homebuyer Kit

Earn customer loyalty and position yourself as an expert by offering prospective borrowers a home-buying seminar. Our no-cost “seminar-in-a-box” First-Time Homebuyer Education Kit includes everything you need for a comprehensive workshop.

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Mortgage Infographics | Consumer Strategies for Loan Officers

We’ve created easy to read mortgage infographics for loan officers to use in your consumer strategies. Help your borrowers get informed on everything they need to know before purchasing a home. Mortgage topics include highlighting the importance of good credit, insights to the homebuying process, as well as better understanding the Millennial and first-time homebuyer demographic. Learn more about how all of these mortgage infographics can assist in your overall consumer marketing strategy plan.

Homebuyer Generational Series for Loan Officers

Discover what every loan officer should know about Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers — as told by a member of each generation.

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Buy vs. Wait Homebuyers Calculator

Buy Now vs. Wait Calculator

This Buy vs. Wait calculator is a great way to strengthen relationships with consumers. Show your first-time homebuyers how they could buy a home today with as little as 3% down – and actually help save them money over time.

Homebuyer Education

Homebuyers can study for MGIC’s Homebuyer Education Test on Readynest. We break down the process of buying a house into bite-size topics. If they use your unique Homebuyer Education code to register, you receive an instant email notification of your new lead.

Podcasts | Consumer Strategies for Loan Officers

This collection of mortgage industry podcasts offer loan officers consumer strategies and insights. There are several topics addressed from a variety of hosts. Tune in to see what others in the mortgage industry are discussing in their latest podcasts.

Understanding Private Mortgage Insurance

by Jennifer Du Plessis + Whitney Du Plessis | Mortgage Lending Mastery

How to Maintain Proper Buyer Expectations

by Steve Kyles + Josh Sigman | Loan Officer Leadership Podcast

Working with Modern Millennials

by Jennifer Du Plessis + Dean Dardzinski | Mortgage Lending Mastery

Millennial Marketing & REALTOR Classes

by Geoff Zimpfer + Elizabeth Rose | Mortgage Marketing Radio

The Truth about Cancelling PMI

by Jennifer Du Plessis + Dean Dardzinski | Mortgage Lending Mastery

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